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Welcome to Rapture Floggers.  We are proud to offer the finest in leather floggers, hand crafted by Rapture himself.  With more than ten years experience, Rapture continues to hone his craft while advancing and perfecting the designs of his floggers.

By combining the use of the finest available leathers and un-paralleled workmanship, Rapture's floggers will be the best you can own. Our lifetime guarantee is our commitment to you.

Little Bastard Flail

Little Bastard Flail


This flail features oil-tanned cowhide for a heavy impact and very stinging sensation.  The falls are cut to 1/4 inch wide and finished with a slant cut for that extra measure of bite.

Our line of flails is designed with ease of swinging in mind.  The leather loop connecting the handle to the falls allows for the freest possible swing you can get with a flogger and the unique ability to vary the pace of the swing with an ease not found in any other type flogger.  Used in pairs, the flail floggers make florentine delivery far easier for the user.


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